Los Robles General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Biolase Epic™ Laser

One of the dental lasers our dentist may use during your treatment at Los Robles General & Cosmetic Dental is the BIOLASE Epic™ laser. Designed to shorten the required healing time for your treatment, relieve post-operative discomfort and make anesthetic unnecessary for many procedures, this dental laser can make your overall dental care experience more relaxing. Want to learn more about BIOLASE dentistry in Thousand Oaks, California? Call our office at 805-449-9952 and schedule your visit with Dr. Mojgan Hashemi today.

While the BIOLASE laser can be used during a number of different dental procedures, it is specifically designed to make the following procedures easier, safer and more comfortable:

  • Pain Therapy — If you or a family member suffer from a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, our dentist can use a dental laser to temporarily increase blood flow in the strained area, relaxing your muscles and relieving stiffness. This procedure only takes about 5-10 minutes per are being treated, making it a quick and convenient way to address pain.
  • Oral Surgery — Using the Epic laser during oral surgery means less bleeding, faster healing and better clinical results than traditional surgery treatments. It is particularly useful for tongue- or lip-tie surgeries, gum contouring and the removal of unwanted growths. Depending on your treatment, the use of dental lasers may make anesthetic completely unnecessary. In most cases, no stitches are require for post-surgery healing.
  • Oral Lesion Treatments — One of the advantages of laser dentistry is that it’s gentler on your gums and soft tissues, making it ideal for treating canker sores and cold sores. Most patients experience immediate pain relief with this treatment, and sore typically heal faster when treated with lasers than prescription medications.

To learn more about the BIOLASE Epic laser and how our dentist can use it during your visit, call or visit our office today.