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Since 1994, Dr. Mojgan Hashemi has provided quality dental care in Thousand Oaks, California. Please read our reviews to learn about the kind of experience you can expect to receive when you visit Los Robles General & Cosmetic Dental. We also invite you to leave us a review of your own following your visit with our dentist and team. To schedule an appointment and learn more about our services, call our concierge today at 805-449-9952.

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OK, like many people, I don't enjoy going to the dentist and hate getting shots. I am very particular about choosing a dentist that does great work and makes procedures as painless as possible. Doctor Hashemi and her friendly/competent staff are just what I was looking for.

I had Lumineers applied a few years ago and they are still looking great. They gladly helped me with my temporary "caps" when needed and ultimately left me with a perfect smile. While I was there, I mentioned that I had constant pain in one of my molars... Doctor Hashemi quickly fixed the problem created by a previous dentist by simply grinding down an oversized filling that was causing the problem. Instant relief. She knows her stuff. I just had two caps put on my back molars (one cracked) and as usual, Doctor Hashemi worked hard to insure I didn't walk out of the office until they looked just right.

The office is top notch and the staff is friendly and professional. If you are picky about getting the best dental care possible and want to know that they will carefully manage your pain, then go here.

- G.A.

Dr Hashemi is an amazing dentist! She is affordable and very kind and gentle.
Her crowns are beautiful.
If you are looking for a new dentist she is your dentist!
Her office is beautiful. She listens to the patient. Treated me like an individual. Very comforting and gentle.
Most people avoid the dentist because they are scared... Dr Hashemi makes you feel at home.
Coffee and cookies are great too!!

- Naytee A.

Everyone at this office is so friendly and welcoming. They know their craft really well, are willing to accommodate you in any way they can. I have to say this is my favorite dentist office so far. It was refreshing to come here after having a poor dental experience at my previous doctor.

- Veronica S.

I love Dr Hashemi!! I've been going to her for years also my children and grandchildren!! Every one is so pleasant in this office. Friendly and make you feel very comfortable. No one likes to go to the Dentist but at least here with Dr Hashemi, you know you will receive the best of care!! Thank you Dr Hashemi for taking care of my dental issues!

- Doris D.

My dad is a dentist and my mom is a trained hygienist and I know the dental business and procedures very well.
Dr. Hashemi is super ethical, does not recommend unnecessary procedures, is caring, professional, and her whole staff is attentive and efficient.
Even the oranges in the waiting room are organic!
I have recommended several friends and she has taken exceptional care of them all. I cannot recommend Dr. Hashemi enough.

- Nina K.

Dr Hashemi not only is very honest, knowledgeable and professional, but she also is very kind, caring and threats each patients, like her own family member with lots of care.
The experience in her office is so great that It has a feel of visiting a spa, you leave so calm and relax each time you see her.
My husband, my two young adult daughters and I, have been a patients of Dr Hashemi for many years and we absolutely LOVE her.
We all don't mind the long distance travel from our home to her office, since we all love to see her, knowing that she always cares so much about all of us.
I have Recomended her to many friends, and they all are very happy choosing Dr Hashemi as their dentist.
The staff are also great and they welcome you with a big smile.

- Shila O.

Dr Hashemi is the sweetest most amazing dentist, that's why I have stayed with her for 15 years now. She makes me very comfortable and she's always gentle with any procedure that needs to be done and gives discounts without me even asking. Her office staff are also the best, very friendly. I also love that they don't make me wait at all

- Jocelyn L.

This is a wonderful dental office. I have been going here for many years. Each visit leaves me so happy to have found a practice that I really love.

My latest visit with Dr Cohan was a perfect example. She greeted me with that kind smile that warms my heart. She is a very gentle dentist, who I have come to trust completely. Dr Hashemi is another wonderful Dentist in this office.
At the front desk I am greeted by Kim, the friendly receptionist/office manager who has always made sure that I could be helped, no matter what my circumstances were at the time.

I cannot forget Daniel, the amazing dental assistant who has truly set the bar high for all other assistants. I think he is a perfectionist, which works very well for the patients. Very gentle as well.

Prior to coming to do this dental office, I had several bad dental experiences in my life. I highly recommend this office.

- Rose M.

I am very grateful with the professionalism in this office.
Dr. Hashemi always care for her patients beyond PERFECTION. Her staff is always happy and Kim, the receptionist is constantly pending to every detail before and after appointments.
Me and my husband are definitely recommending her services.

- Sofia S.

Dr. Hashemi and the staff are wonderful!

My first visit to Dr. Hashemi was an emergency. I lost a crown and to make the situation even worse, the tooth next to it needed a new crown as well. I was really upset because although I had insurance , it was going to cost a lot to replace the crowns and have the work done. Dr. Hashemi and her staff were so nice and helpful. They really worked with me and offered many options for my treatment.

Everything worked out great and I am more than pleased with the doctor and the staffs professionalism and their sensitive and caring disposition.

I will stay with Dr. Hashemi for life as long as my insurance allows me!!!

- Morales P.

This place is absolutely amazing. I needed to get my wisdom tooth out. It was infected and impacted, and I didn't have dental insurance. They got me in as soon as they could, and gave me a prescription for pain killers in the mean time until my procedure. Also, they knew I didn't have insurance so they so graciously gave me a discount. As opposed to having them take it out for $600 - $1,000 , which is what it would be on average, they only charged $300. On top of all of that, every member of the staff was absolutely lovely. I didn't eat before I went in to get my surgery because I wasn't sure if I was allowed to, so the receptionist said I should have something in my stomach so she gave me cookies, some chips and a capri sun so I had some sugar in my system. She was so sweet. Everyone is just there to help and make sure you're alright. I recommend them to everyone who needs any dental work done. It will be hard to find any place better! Thank you again!

- Cody F.

I love going to Dr. Hashemi. She’s the best dentist and makes the experience very enjoyable. One of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and her staff is amazing. They take perfect care of you. I would definitely recommend going here.

- FaZe J.

BEST dentist I have ever gone to. Takes her time and is very detailed in achieving nothing short of perfection. Typically, a dentist visit is not something many people look forward to... but after coming here and feeling so comfortable with her and all the staff, I can truly say i’m excited to come back! love her!!!

- Ariella L.

I never thought that it is possible for me to look forward to my dentist visit until I met Dr. Mojgan Hashmi and her staff. My entire family have been her patient for 20 years now and we could not be any more delighted with her expertise, her pleasant bedside manner and her kind, caring, courteous and efficient staff. After every visit, I literally walk out of her office with a smile that she has helped to preserve.

- Cyrus M.

The BEST dentist I have ever had!!! Lovely staff, nice office, and impeccable work.

- Marguerite N.

I love this office. Been going here for years. Hashmei is amazing with my kids. Thank you to all the staff for everything.

- Kari P.

I was taken in almost as soon as I arrived. The friendly dental assistant came in promptly and polished my teeth followed shortly by Dr. Hashemi to complete my cleaning.

- Donna V.

I have been going to Dr. Hashemi for several months now. I found her name through my insurance. I am so happy I did! She is very professional, prompt, and the office is warm and inviting. Dr Hashemi is so sweet and caring she seems more like a friend than just a dentist. I needed extensive work done, she did not try to over sell me any procedures that weren't necessary, but she did make sure she didn't compromise the future health of my teeth and gums by cutting corners. I have never been so happy with the way my teeth look in my whole life, she is an absolute artist and just as nice as can be. Thank you Dr. Hashemi!!!!!!!

- Elizabeth C.

Dr. Hashemi has been a great dentist for me, my wife and all my children. She is caring and gentle. We have had negative experiences with other dentists. My family and I have been going to Dr. Hashemi for eighteen years and in all those years I have never felt I needed to question her integrity or her methods. I highly recommend her and her staff.

- Daniel G.

This dentist is second to none! She is not only an excellent dentist, but also very kind and gentle. She has a certain demeanor to her that immediately relaxes you and calms your nerves. The office is beautiful with state of the art equipment and very accommodating staff. She is simply wonderful and you can be confident that you are in very good hands in her office.

- Faranak N.

I was very impressed by Dr. Hashemi's office staff. They were very helpful and friendly. They made my 5 year feel very comfortable and that is most important. My first time there has been the best one ever and I do recommend this office, Instead of having us call our insurance to refer me to a Pediatric Dentist. The staff called a few places to make sure they accepted our insurance. Dr. Hashemi was very professional and I felt very comfortable to have her as our Dr. for my family. She is worth driving from Oxnard to this location.

- Marie C.

Dr. Hashemi is one of the few dentists I can say I trust to tell me if something is needed. Her office staff is so wonderful and we love everyone who works there! It's like seeing family whenever we come in, and we are happy to be treated by such a great team.

- Jessica K.

Dr.Hashemi has been our family doctor for over 10 years now and we wouldn't want it any other way !! The front receptionist Kim is so amazing as well as all her other staff members. So sweet and kind. When I pay a visit for my routine cleaning they are very quick and efficient, and always so understanding for rescheduling. Perfect experience overall !! Would highly recommend !

- Akshaya S.

Wonderful experience! Will definitely be seeing her again!!!pain free time in the chair!!!

- Steve O.

I have been looking for a new Dentist for a good while...I am definitely satisfied here! My experience here has been great ! All of the workers here have been very nice and helpful. I feel a very good positive vibe here. I highly recommend!

- Tomas M.

BEST AMZING SPA LIKE dental office my family and I have ever been to- So calming, caring and nurturing. Wonderful staff, brilliant Dentist and my entire family and I feel privileged to come to this office.
Thank you Dr Hashemi and staff for your Excellence in care.

- Mojgan L.

Another great visit (deep cleaning). It hurts so good. I'm tough to get numb. The Doc has to use The Elephant Strength Novacaine but she gets the job done.

This amazing lady will spend 10 minutes on cleaning one difficult area to get it just the way she wants it.

I swear, every time I eat corn on the Cobb or something tough to eat, I thank her for keeping my teeth in good shape.

Ya just can't get any better.

- Howie G.

Dr Hashemi has been my dentist for the past five years. I went from always being careful to cover my teeth to hide the chips and breaks to having a smile plastered on my face always! Gave me so much confidence. From crowns, veneers to filled cavities her work has been exemplary! Her staff is attentive, knowledgeable and always ready to explain any procedure. You will not be sorry choosing Dr. Hashemi as your lifelong dentist.

- Lisa S.

I've been there once. First off I liked the receptionist, she was friendly and patient to explained my concerns. Dr. Mojgan was very friendly too and gentle with my teeth. For sure I'm going back. She will be my permanent dentist now on.

- Priscila L.

We love dr. hashemi and her team!

We are treated as though we are something special and always get A work and are given top notch service.

- Anthony N.

Dr. Hashemi and staff are so friendly, trustworthy and conservative in her treatment practices.

- Tere T.

Very happy with Dr Hashemi. She is one of the best dentists in Southern California. She takes care of our family of four. Her vast knowledge, years of experience, along with her genuine care & compassion is truly exceptional. I highly recommend her.

- William O.

Dr. Hashemi is the best dentist I’ve been to in my life!! Always takes care of whatever I need and everyone there treats me well.

- Elijah T.

Mojgan Hashemi and staff @Los Roboles Dental plaza are heaven sent. I’ve been taking my entire family, 5 kids to this office for years... and beyond satisfied with the expertise and care. I highly recommend Dr Mojgan Hashemi: The Best Dentist I have ever known.

- Morgan L.

At time of writing, these guys have nothing but 5-star reviews on their page, and they absolutely deserve it. Image my shock and surprise when I showed up for my 12:15 appointment and someone was actually ready to see me at 12:15! The dentist herself (not a hygienist) came in and checked over my teeth, discussed some gum problems I was having, and then did the most thorough cleaning I've ever had. The receptionist was very willing to work with my tight schedule to find a follow-up appointment and get the insurance worked out. All of this was done over the course of my lunch break, and I didn't even have to take any extra time off from work. I'd been searching for a good dentist in the area and had a bad experience or two, so I'm more than happy to have finally found a comfortable, professional place that treats you like a human being1

- Eddie

Dr. Hashemi is kind and caring and the staff are super professional. They have been really helpful with my sensitive teeth and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you Dr. Hashemi and staff!

- Renee H.

After 30 years being a cosmetic dentist myself, I finally got a smile l love...
Dr Mojgan is so gentle and caring and has the eyes of an artist....
I highly recommend her, Dr Hashemi is one In a million.
Simply The Best !great staff !!!

- Niki R.

I finally found a good dentist, Dr. Hashemi is honest and does excellent work. From a kid I had the same dentist, he retired some years back and since then finding a good dentist was tough. I seen some crooked dentists during my search. A buddy of mine referred me to Dr. Hashemi a few years ago, so I gave her a try. I've been going to Los Robles dental ever since. The staff is excellent and I feel very comfortable there. They are very personable and care about their patients. Me and my family has received the best service and excellent work.
I highly recommend you go to Los Robles Dental

- California D.

I've been going to Dr. Hashemi dental office for 10 years and has always appreciated the doctors patience and gentle attention to my concerns along with her teams kind and friendly support!

- Keith K.