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Your mouth is more than merely a portal for food. It can also be the entry point for infections, and mouth health relates to other conditions and diseases. Dr. Mojgan Hashemi of Los Robles Dental Plaza in Thousand Oaks, California, believes that a holistic approach to dentistry provides the best treatment option for her patients. If you’re looking for body-friendly dental care, call or book an appointment online today.

Holistic Dentistry Q & A

What is holistic dentistry?

Simply stated, holistic dentistry reaches beyond the health of your teeth and gums, and considers the impact of dental care on the entire body and how it relates to your overall health. Poor oral health might indicate the presence of other conditions in the body. Gum disease may increase your risk of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, or it may aggravate these conditions if you’re already affected.

Poor oral health contributes to depression and feelings of low self-esteem, and it may be connected to premature and low-weight births. Respiratory infections and breathing issues may also be more intense for those with periodontal disease. With such a range of impact on the body, holistic dental practices make sense, and that’s one reason Dr. Hashemi has adopted holistic dentistry procedures.

How does holistic dentistry differ from conventional dentistry?

In some treatments, holistic dentistry isn’t very different at all. For example, fillings using mercury or other metals are known to contribute to heavy metal exposure. Both traditional and holistic dentists have been moving away from these types of fillings and toward those made of composite resins, which are more biologically inert. Even the move to digital X-rays is a holistic choice that traditional dentists make, since they expose you to much less radiation than conventional film X-ray equipment.

Holistic dentistry often goes beyond conventional practices in scope. Along with promoting oral health practices such as brushing and flossing, holistic dentists may also promote preventive care that includes nutrition and other general health factors that are friendly to your teeth and gums.

Is there a standard of care for holistic dentists?

As a relatively new and widely expanding field, the views of dentists moving in the holistic direction vary. One dentist may prefer to minimize the use of root canals, for example, while another may have strong opinions about the benefits of fluoride. These views may be based on research or that dentist’s experience, and there are differences of opinion between holistic practitioners.

Dr. Hashemi believes that every patient’s case is unique. She blends holistic and conventional treatments as appropriate, considering both your mouth and your overall health.

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