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A white smile makes a great first impression and gives your self-esteem a boost. Many products offer claims of whiter teeth, but the safest and most effective way to get whiter teeth is through a visit to Dr. Mojgan Hashemi at Los Robles Dental Plaza in Thousand Oaks, California. She can select the correct technique for whitening your teeth. Book online or call for an appointment today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes teeth to yellow?

There are two major reasons why the bright white of young teeth fade to a more yellow shade. The wear and tear of everyday living takes a toll on the outer enamel layer of teeth. As it thins, the translucent enamel allows more of the natural color of the dentin through. This inner tooth tissue is naturally yellow, so it creates a dull and stained appearance.

Though it’s naturally resistant to stains, the enamel weakens, and then it’s more prone to discoloration from cigarette smoke, coffee, and black tea. There’s a different type of staining that affects the inside of teeth, such as through exposure to tetracycline or ingestion of too much fluoride.

Teeth whitening and bleaching may be your first alternative to a whiter smile before turning to dental veneers and crowns.

What is the difference between whitening and bleaching?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, any teeth-cleaning method that has the potential to make teeth whiter than natural is a bleaching technique. Whitening describes the process of restoring teeth to their natural color by removing stains and debris. Official definitions aside, the term “whitening” is commonly used to describe both methods. Despite the perception, the bleaching form of brightening teeth does not involve harmful chemicals.

Dr. Hashemi provides both in-office whitening using the ZOOM! whitening system and take-home whitening kits.

How does the ZOOM! whitening system work?  

The Philips ZOOM! system is the whitening brand most requested by patients in the United States. A single 45-minute treatment delivers up to eight shades of brighter white. Another advantage of the ZOOM! system is that, unlike other products, the ZOOM! process creates no tooth sensitivity side effects, as long as you follow the maintenance care instructions.

The ZOOM! treatment starts with a hydrogen peroxide gel applied to your teeth. The ZOOM! system light activates the gel to attack stains and discoloration. After the first gel application of 15 minutes, you receive two more, for a total treatment time of 45 minutes.

You may also need a dental cleaning just prior to the whitening, so your total visit time may be longer. There may also be extra chair time for post-procedure treatment.

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